Three vessels at once Dock II

Good planning is the key to success. So having three vessels in one dock at the same time was no problem at all for our team.
Frank Hildebrandt, Operations Manager

When several orders arrive at the same time, good planning and an experienced team are decisive. Only when we can offer this, can all customers look forward to our familiar, reliable service. Over the past few years, several orders handled by the shipyard provided clear proof that LINDENAU can.

All good things come in threes

On 12.3.2015, two ships and a pontoon tied up in the floating dock at the LINDENAU shipyard on the same day. The trio comprised the over 100-year-old paddle steamer ‘FREYA’, owned and operated by Adler-Schiffe, the ‘BALTICA’, a passenger vessel operating coastal excursions under the flag of the shipping company Baltic Schifffahrt und Touristik and ‘HÖRN 10’, a pontoon owned by the tug and ferry company SFK (Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel mbH). 

Planning and experience are the keys to success

Careful planning in advance was essential for taking on three orders in a single dock at one time and enabled seamless coordination of resources and the workforce. The ‘FREYA’ was fitted with a new rudder manufactured at the group’s NOBISKRUG sister yard. The ‘BALTICA’ and ‘HÖRN 10’ were in for class renewal and general class-related repairs.

Thanks to the experienced team, the tasks involved in all three orders went off without a hitch. The yard’s expertise in such cases was confidently demonstrated by a similar situation handled in August 2014. In that case, the vessels ‘NOORTRUCK’, ‘BAD DÜREN’ and ‘TOTENDORF’ were all in the LINDENAU dock at the same time. The challenges this involved at the time were all mastered without any problems by the LINDENAU team.

General vessel data:

Coastal cruise vessel „BALTICA“

Length overall
48.80 m
8.30 m
Max. draught
1.78 m

Paddle steamer „FREYA“

Length overall
51.60 m
11.40 m
Max. draught
2.20 m

Pontoon „HÖRN 10“

Length overall
35.02 m
14.10 m
Max. draught
2.47 m
3.02 m

Familiar faces

As return visitors to LINDENAU, the ‘FREYA’ and the ‘BALTICA’ are no strangers to the yard. The pontoon ‘HÖRN 10’ had returned to its birthplace for class renewal: it was built at the LINDENAU yards in the year 2000.