Repair order – sail training brig ‘ROALD AMUNDSEN’

The members of our team know exactly what they are doing. Working in tight spaces on board doesn’t bother them in the slightest.
Klaus-Dieter Schmidt, Project Manager

It’s clear that safety has utmost priority on all vessels, but this issue is of particular importance in the case of sail training vessels. On deck and aloft is a hive of activity, above all with landlubbers learning the ropes. For many years now, the sail training brig ‘ROALD AMUNDSEN’ has placed her trust in the skills and expertise of the LINDENAU yard whenever repairs were due.

Old friends meet again

With ships, it’s just the same as with friends: It’s always a wonderful occasion when old friends get together again. The sail training brig ‘ROALD AMUNDSEN’ has been a regular visitor to the shipyard since the nineteen-nineties. In mid-May, the brig sailed by the organisation ‘LebenLernen auf Segelschiffen e.V.’ arrived at the LINDENAU yards for an extensive programme of general shipbuilding work and pipefitting:

  • Anode replacement
  • Inspection of the propeller shaft and rudder
  • Pipe fitting work, such as bilge pump piping replacement or renewal and enlargement of discharge pipes to LORO X
  • Modifications to two hawses
  • Enlargement of the chain locker
  • Construction and installation of two inspection hatches
  • Tank venting

Just as expected, the work on board progressed smoothly despite the limited space for working – not at all surprising – after all, most of the members of the repair team know the brig inside out from earlier projects. As usual, working together with the crew was plain sailing all the way. At the end of May, the ‘ROALD AMUNDSEN’ was floated out of the dock – freshly overhauled and looking as good as new. LINDENAU wishes her fair winds and is looking forward to seeing her back at the yards again.

General vessel data:

Length overall
50.20 m
7.20 m
34 m

Ahoy to the next generation of able seamen

The ‘ROALD AMUNDSEN’ is a traditional sailing brig and sail training vessel. Under the qualified instruction of a volunteer crew, young people and adults learn the traditional skills and crafts of navigating and handling a vessel under sail. On her regular voyages, the ‘ROALD AMUNDSEN’ sets course for the North Sea, the Mediterranean and even the South Pacific.