Repair order – diving support vessel ‘Red 7 Alliance’

Despite the spontaneous arrival at the yard and the unknown extent of the repairs required, LINDENAU provided an extremely professional and fast response to our needs.
John Long, Fleet Manager/DPA at Vessel Management Services

Rapid repairs are essential whenever a vessel is damaged in service. With the damaged vessels out of commission, all other work may often be delayed. This may well lead to enormous financial losses for owners and shipping companies due to late delivery and the lack of suitable vessels. At the LINDENAU yards, rapid repairs are one of our specialities. The decisive factors that make this possible are our enormous flexibility and a perfectly coordinated team of experts.

Lock gate collision

The incident took place on the way to an assignment: On 17.1.2015, the ‘RED 7 ALLIANCE’ collided with one of the lock gates while entering the Kiel Canal and damaged her bulbous bow so seriously that immediate repairs were essential. Instead of continuing her journey to the Baltic, where the diving support ship was expected for work on an offshore wind farm, her first port of call was the floating dock of the LINDENAU shipyard.

Spontaneous response by the LINDENAU yards

Repairs on the vessel were taken in hand as soon as she docked. After two weeks, the crew of the ‘RED 7 ALLIANCE’ breathed a collective sigh of relief – the damage was quickly repaired and their ship could continue her journey.

General vessel data:

Length overall
78 m
18 m
Max. draught
5.4 m
Gross registered tonnage (GRT)
3,700 t
Dead weight tonnage (DWT)
1,959 t

A wide range of assignments

As long ago as in 1980, NOBISKRUG built and delivered a diving support vessel by the name of ‘KREUZ INSTALLER’. Diving support vessels are primarily in demand for operations like underwater welding and can provide essential support to working divers at depths of up to 450 m. They are also equipped to assist in firefighting and evacuation operations.