Repair order – multi-purpose research vessel ‘POSEIDON’

Bernd Wittorf, Director Refit/Repair Department
A guest from the high seas pays a visit to LINDENAU. Working on a research vessel is a unique experience.
Bernd Wittorf, Director Refit/Repair Department

Even ships that plough the waves of the world’s oceans must regularly return to their home waters for a refit and repairs. Wind and weather leave their traces on the ship and its equipment. LINDENAU performed a thorough inspection of the ‘POSEIDON’.

Permanently on call: around the globe

The mission roster of the ‘POSEIDON’ is packed with assignments. For instance, 2013 saw her conducting surveys in places as far afield as the Atlantic, the Azores, the Norwegian Sea and the Mediterranean. At the end of this busy year, it was time to rest up for a while in dock for a well-deserved refit. Between 13.12.2013 and 12.1.2014, LINDENAU made the research vessel shipshape for more expeditions in the service of science.

The ‘POSEIDON’ is owned by the German State of Schleswig-Holstein. She is operated as a multi-purpose research vessel by the GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel.

General vessel data:

Length overall
60.70 m
11.40 m
Max. draught
4.50 m
GL + 100 AS E2 + MC E2 Aut
Main engines
3 x MWM TD-602 V 16 je 550 kW
AEG Typ G 106/83/8 mod. 930 kW

Workhorses of the world’s oceans

The ‘POSEIDON’ is one of the fleet of 130 multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels managed by the shipping company Briese Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG. The vessels have cargo carrying capacities ranging from 2,500 to 37,300 t and, thanks to their high ice-classes (Finnish/Swedish 1A), heavy lifting gear for loads up to 700 t, large holds and tweendecks, can be employed in almost all areas of commercial shipping.