Repair/refit order – fleet service boat ‘ALSTER’

With orders as extensive as this, optimum use of the time available is essential. That’s a speciality of our team.
Ronald Witte, Divisional Manager Refit/Repair at NOBISKRUG

The list of tasks in the repair order for the fleet service boat ‘ALSTER’ was long. In view of this, the repair term in Rendsburg laid out a precisely detailed plan of the work to be done well in advance. This enabled the team to complete the tasks in hand efficiently and without any delays. The tasks included:

  • Checking of all safety-relevant equipment and installations, including high-pressure steam boilers
  • Application of anti-slip coatings on all decks
  • Overhaul of the e-diesel engines
  • Repair of hull spigots, davits, propeller shafting and steering gear

On 13.10.2015, the ‘ALSTER’ set course for Eckernförde on her shakedown cruise after only four months in the naval yards. The result: The fleet service boat is now shipshape again and ready for her next mission.

General vessel data:

Length overall
83.35 m
14.60 m
6.20 m
Displacement tonnage
3200 t

In service since 1988

The ‘ALSTER’ has been in service with the German Navy since 1988. After completion of the repair order, she returned to the 1st Submarine Squadron at her home base in Eckernförde. There, she is under the command of Flotille 1 of the German Navy in Kiel. Just like the ‘ALSTER’, the two other fleet service boats of the squadron, her sister ships ‘OKER’ and ‘OSTE’, have also visited the Rendsburg yards on several occasions.