Maintenance order – corvette ‘ERFURT’

Bernd Wittorf, Director Refit/Repair Department
That we can switch in no time at all from custom conversion of a private yacht to refitting a naval vessel bears witness to the expertise and flexibility of our team.
Bernd Wittorf, Director Refit/Repair Department

No two orders are ever the same – that’s one of the fascinating aspects of shipyard work. Nevertheless, sometimes the differences are so enormous that we have to be able to completely rethink the situation and rely on our exceptional flexibility – this is a proven speciality of the repair teams at the company’s two yards in Kiel-Friedrichsort and Rendsburg.

From private yachts to navy corvettes

The corvette ‘ERFURT’ arrived in the fully conditioned, covered dock at the Rendsburg shipyards for a scheduled refit on 10.4.2014. Only a short while before, the team had been working on an extensive refit on two private yachts. Time to rethink the situation. From the delicate touch essential for fitting out refined and elegant luxury yachts for the coming season on the Côte d’Azur, the team switched smoothly to heavy mechanical and marine engineering mode to tackle the refit of a K130 class corvette and repair some minor damage to its hull. No problem at all for the seasoned team: The shakedown cruise to Warnemünde began on 4.9.2014. After adding a few final touches at the naval base, the ‘ERFURT’ has been back in service since 21.1.2015.

General vessel data:

Length overall
90.00 m
12.8 m
Max. draught
3.4 m

A safe platform for the navy’s crews

In February of last year, the K130 class corvette was the third of the five new Braunschweig class corvettes to go into service with the German Navy. She belongs to the 1st Corvette Squadron and is stationed at the naval base in Rostock-Warnemünde. After her refit at the NOBISKRUG yards, her crew can now rest assured in the knowledge that their ship is a safe and dependable platform.