Maintenance order – suction dredger ‘NORDSEE’

Simona Heins, Commercial Project Manager
A unique project with an unexpected volume and complexity – with a successful outcome that made everyone involved very proud.
Simona Heins, Commercial Project Manager

When a moderately large project suddenly more than doubles in volume, flexibility and rapid responses are the order of the day. Strengths that the team demonstrated once again in the course of the repair order for the suction dredger ‘NORDSEE’.

Unexpected order volume

The original repair schedule covered only general task for class renewal of the vessel and a few additional items. These included, amongst other things, steelwork in the hold (hopper compartment) and on one forward ballast water tank, and the replacement of the suction tubes. Shortly after the arrival of the dredger at the shipyard in February 2014, it was discovered that this was going to be far from enough. The repairs needed in the hold and for the ballast water tank turned out to be much more extensive than planned. The following tasks had to be added to the repair schedule:

  • Replacement of the greywater and blackwater piping
  • Replacement of major components of the heating system
  • Repairs to the sweeping arms
  • Repairs to the dredging equipment, including the booms, pawls and suction mouth systems
  • Gutting and renewal of the deck house fittings
  • Replacement of windows and installation of energy-efficient insulation for the deck house

Successful shakedown cruise

After 15 months laid up at the yard, the ‘NORDSEE’ headed for her namesake, the North Sea, for a shakedown cruise. All trials under weigh and tests of dredging operations were passed according to plan. The order was completed on time and the ‘NORDSEE’ returned to her home base in Wilhelmshaven without further delay.

General vessel data:

Length overall
131.75 m
23 m
Max. draught
8.75 m
Gross tonnage
8,817 t

Keeping the seaways clear and protecting our coasts

Following the successful completion of the extensive repair programme, the ‘NORDSEE’ is fully operational again. Her tasks include keeping the shipping channels of the rivers Jade, Ems, Weser and Elbe clear. She is also deployed for coastal protection missions. The sweeping arms on the port and starboard sides of the ship are capable of taking up to 1000 t of oil-polluted water per hour.