Maintenance order – corvette ‘MAGDEBURG’

Heiko Dorn, Assistant Project Manager
Two premieres in the project workflow and extra tasks added to the schedule made this project particularly exciting. We can all be proud of the results.
Heiko Dorn, Assistant Project Manager

The key to innovation is keeping an open minded for anything that comes. No less than two opportunities offered themselves as a chance to prove the validity of this statement in the course of the refit of the ‘MAGDEBURG’. A new testing procedure and the extremely close cooperation with the clients own on-site ‘shipyard group’ proved to be a resounding success.

Hand-in-Hand with the client

The first innovation: a team of specialists assigned to the project by the client were present at the yard from start to finish of the entire refit and repair order. Although an unfamiliar situation, the cooperation between the yard and the client’s shipyard group proved to be excellent and could be a very promising model for future projects, particularly in the naval shipping segment. 

Innovative testing procedure for RAS stations

A further premiere was the testing of the RAS stations. RAS (Replenishment At Sea) stations are used for transferring fuel or stores from ship-to-ship at sea, and must be able to withstand loading forces of up to 10 t. The infrastructures at our sister yard, the German Naval Yards in Kiel, offered ideal conditions for the tests. Pooling their resources, the specialists of the shipyard group developed a procedure in which a 292 t weight was positioned as a counterfort with the aid of a shipyard transporter. 

A perfect symbiosis

The strengths of the shipyard group were successfully put to the test at one of our other yards: as the capacities of the NOBISKRUG yard in Rendsburg were already taken up by two yacht refits, the work was spontaneously to the LINDENAU facilities of the shipyard group. 

The order volume turned out to be more extensive than planned

At the yard, we were suddenly confronted with another challenge: shortly after the arrival of the ‘MAGDEBURG’ in the floating dock at the LINDENAU yard, it soon became obvious that additional tasks would have to be added to the refit and repair schedule. The original schedule foresaw only a basic refit programme. Further inspections revealed that the hull plates and sea-chest grilles would have to be renewed. In addition to this, we also discovered that various pumps and aggregates were damaged. Both the client and the shipyard demonstrated enormous flexibility when this situation became known: The new timeframe for completion was quickly agreed and all deadlines were met, not least thanks to the exemplary efforts of everyone involved. On 7.6.2016, the ‘MAGDEBURG’ put to sea on her way back to the naval base in Warnemünde.

General vessel data:

Length overall
88.8 m
13.2 m
Loaded displacement
1840 t
Maximum speed
26 kn

‘MAGDEBURG’ back on station

The ‘MAGDEBURG’ is a member of the 1st Corvette Squadron, which is stationed at the naval base in Warnemünde. The base is home to a total of 5 corvettes and more than 450 military personnel and employs civilian staff in various roles.