NOBISKRUG Finishes Repair Works at Corvette „MAGDEBURG“

NOBISKRUG says goodbye to „MAGDEBURG“: After a successful completion of extensive maintenance works the approx. 89 m long Corvette of type K130 („Braunschweig-Class“) left on Tuesday, 7th June 2016 in direction of its Navy Base in Warnemünde.

Reason for the yard stay was a regular overhauling. Beneath a so-called “QL3” – a compulsory maintenance interval for the MTU-diesel drive engine – the maintenance levels (in German: MES) of the diesel engines were checked. Furthermore the non-slip deck coverings were inspected and renewed, if necessary, and several technical modifications at the corvette, which was brought into service 2008, were executed. Additionally the order contains maintenance works for painting of the ship’s hull – in the areas above water, under water as well as at the superstructures.

Furthermore the tender contained the checking of the RAS counterpoints being first-time ordered on a corvette. “The counterpoints serve for the receipt of operating materials and therefore had to be tested to up to 10 t. The best conditions for this were offered by our sister yard’s infrastructure GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel, as we were able to place a 292 t heavy weight there as counterfort with help of a section transporter. By the way: this procedure was developed in a cooperation of our colleagues in Kiel and us and met with extremely positive acceptance from the client,“ Heiko Dorn, representative NOBISKRUG Head of Project commented the procedure and the cooperation within the Schleswig-Holstein yard group.

Just as exemplary for the flexible and client orientated collaboration of the yard trio is the fact that due to the lack of capacities in Rendsburg – caused by two yacht refits being successfully finished in the meantime – the NOBISKRUG repair team simply shifted the works to its second sister yard in Kiel, LINDENAU.

Immediately after arrival in the LINDENAU floating dock in the beginning of December 2015, the original order was extended by additional works. The hull as well as the seachests‘ sockets had to be renewed and furthermore repair works on several pumps and aggregates for operation at sea had to be executed. „The extended work scope and especially the purchase time needed for the material required a prolonged yard stay of the Corvette. We were able to optimize this date – of course in cooperation with those responsible – so that the new date of completion was acceptable for all parties, “ Ronald Witte, NOBISKRUG Department Manager, explained the backgrounds adding, „thanks to the excellent work of all work participants we managed to deliver the „MAGDEBURG“ in time for the new due date – being ready for operation of the crew in every respect.”

As part of the 1st Corvette Squadron the Corvette „MAGDEBURG“ has its base at the naval base Warnemünde. The general data is as follows:

Length: 88,8 m
13,2 m
Operation Displacement:
1.840 t
26 kn

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