German Navy's combat support ship EGV Frankfurt am Main to be repaired at German Naval Yards Kiel

The NOBISKRUG‘s repair team docked the German Navy’s combat support vessel „FRANKFURT AM MAIN“(A 1412) type EGV 702 (so-called „Berlin-Class“) on the site of the sister shipyard GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel. During the stay at the shipyard, the 174 m long naval vessel will receive repair works on the stern. Furthermore, the docking will be used for already planned works.

“We are pleased to welcome “FRANKFURT AM MAIN“ at GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel. With the shipbuilding capacities and related infrastructure of our shipyard group – a 900 t gantry crane together with 426 m long dock, the largest in the Baltic area – we offer the optimum repair conditions for the largest ship of the German Navy”, comments Heiko Landahl-Gette, Director Corporate Affairs of the German shipyard group. “We have been a reliable partner to the German Navy for decades providing ship design, new build and repair of naval vessels. We look forward to proving our shipbuilding qualities once again, thus maintaining the operational readiness of our client.“
As part of the Auxiliary Squadron of the 2nd Flotilla, the German Navy Support Vessel (EGV) “FRANKFURT AM MAIN“, began her operational schedule in 2002. The ship’s homeport is the naval base in Wilhelmshaven.
General data:
Dimensions (Length /Breadth /Draft):     174 m / 24.00 m / 7.60 m
Gross Tonnage:                                            abt. 18.637 BRZ
Speed:                                                            20 knots
Propulsion:                                                    2 Diesel engines, 5,280 kw each
                                                                        (< 14,500 PS)
Crew:                                                              169

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