For many decades, vessels of all kinds and types have been docking at the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel-Friedrichsort. No matter if tanker or container vessel, naval, federal poice or other authority vessels. No mater if small, quick repair or complex conversion, if modernisation or refitting, our traditional yard is prepared for any question, for any problem, for any emergency. Of course we are also your competent partner for the latest issues such as exhaust cleaning, LGN refitting or ballast water treatment.

Immediately on board

When you need help in a hurry, we can be on board almost as soon as you call. Our crew of experienced professionals solves your problems at any hour of the day or night – every day of the year.

The range of services we offer is as unique as your vessel. Depending on project requirements, we integrate relevant areas of expertise and engineering from the in-house resources of our own shipyard group and, if necessary, can call in dependable partners we have worked with for years. All specialists in their fields – and as fast and flexible as us.

Our crews grow with the challenges they face

Is your project bigger than expected? Has newly discovered damage played havoc with your schedule? We respond on the spot by increasing the strength of our team.

If necessary, we even recruit the help of our sister-yards and make good use of the additional facilities they can offer. NOBISKRUG yards in Rendsburg builds super-yachts. GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel is a specialist for highly-integrated naval vessels. That is one of the key advantages of being a member of a big shipyard group like German Naval Yards.

Our dock and repair terms & conditions

German Naval Yards Kiel

Marine services from a single source: Lindenau is a member of Service Point Kiel Canal. In association with other companies, we offer technical services for vessels during their passage through the Kiel Canal. We can come on board, conduct repairs and fix any problems on your vessel in the course of its 8 to 12-hour passage. We get it shipshape again, or assess its condition. For example, our technical team can join your vessel in Kiel and leave it again in Brunsbüttel after completing the job in hand.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • we ensure you an efficient passage
  • we cut your losses
  • there’s no lost time for your operator 
  • your schedules run according to plan

Discover our facilities

Discover our facilities

Our shipyard facilities in facts and figures.

Professional service portfolio

Professional service portfolio

Refits, repairs and flexible project teams.

Flexible, adaptable and mobile

Flexible, adaptable and mobile

Our team is ready – whenever and wherever you need us.